Romain's website

Reasons who make Romain the best one - He is beautiful
- He has blue hair (or had)
- His brother was studying at Epitech and his sister learned him the art world, so he's perfect for the job
- He loves basketball and tennis so he's of course amazing
- He already did many animated drawings whose one for a french work for the school (he spent more than 20 hours on it and only had a 19/20 : very disappointing )
- He did a videogame for a NSI work during containment and spent widely more than 20 hours on it (we are on the 23rd of July and we still didn't have a come back on the work, so I'm waiting
to back to school to have one ... )
Reasons that will convince you to engage him - He did this website during summer holidays, when nobody was waiting for it
- He is passionated by the work of Web Developper
- This beautiful (killer) whale ?

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